How One Page Checkout Addon can Help You to Reduce the Cart Abandonment?

According to a study, out of 10 customers, on an average 6-7 customers leave the shopping cart after adding the products to it. There can be many causes why online shoppers choose to leave the website after initiating the purchase. The reasons can be lengthy and complicated multi-step checkouts (missing one-page checkout), hidden additional charges, forced to create an account, no free shipping options available, etc.

But you need to consider one thing that the buyers were serious enough to buy the product as they initiated the purchase and added the product to the cart but somehow they left the cart probably because of the above-mentioned reasons. So what do we do now? We know the reasons and we also know that these issues can be fixed by optimizing the checkout journey of the customers and by removing these hurdles.

With One Page Checkout addon, you can simplify the checkout process and make it easier and quicker for the customers so that they don’t get stuck in between it and leave the cart. The addon offers various advanced options like guest checkout, social login options, auto-address fill, etc that help the buyers to quickly complete the checkout process without any delays.

Check out the modules from below links:

PrestaShop One Page Checkout

OpenCart One Page Checkout

Magento One Page Checkout

Magento 2 One Page Checkout

Let’s discuss the important elements of One Step Checkout Extension that helps in reducing the cart abandonment rate and improves the conversion rate of your online business:

#1. Guest Checkout and Social Login options:

Many customers don’t like creating a new account on an eCommerce website and giving their details. With One Page Checkout extension, you can allow your customers to place their orders as guests without creating a separate account. The module also allows the customers to log in through popular social media networks like Google and Facebook.

With the social login options, the users can easily log in to their accounts without remembering a new login credential.

#2. Provide Easy Navigation:

Make it easy for your customers to navigate through your website. With the One Step Checkout module, the customers can fill the checkout details more conveniently as they don’t need to load many pages or go back to pages to modify a field.

Since the whole checkout process is visible on a single page, the customers can easily fill the fields and can review all of them comfortably without changing the page.

#3. Provide Multiple Payment and Shipping Options:

The Single Page Checkout extension by Knowband is compatible with almost all the major shipping and payment methods. It gives a variety of options to the customers to choose from so that they can choose the best-suited method from the options and make secure payments.

Along with providing various options to the customers, try to add security badges on the checkout page. Security badges play a major role in reducing cart abandonment as the buyer doesn’t feel insecure to make the payments after seeing verified and secure payment badges.

#4. Fast and User-Friendly Checkout Interface:

A complicated and time-consuming checkout always leads to higher abandoned carts. Try to make the checkout page simple and easier to fill for the customers so that they don’t get irritated while completing their orders.
The One Step Checkout Extension replaces the slow and time-consuming default checkout into a fast and easy One Page Checkout page and makes the checkout process easier and faster. With this Quick Checkout module, you can also make the checkout fields optional or mandatory to fill for the customers.

You can try to make fewer fields mandatory to fill as many online shoppers feel forced to fill information if there are too many required fields on the checkout page.

#5. Mobile Responsive Checkout Page:

As a large number of shoppers choose to shop online via mobile phones, you must make your eCommerce checkout mobile responsive so that you don’t miss a single sales. The One Page Supercheckout is fully desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive, and hence the buyers can place their orders from any device. The addon works smoothly on mobile devices.
One Page Checkout module is available for PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, and Magento 2 platforms. You can also check the admin and front demos of the module to get a better understanding of the module before purchasing it.

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