Boost Sales With Basic PrestaShop Website Customization

The start of your company idea is just building a PrestaShop website using your preferred theme. You need to make some further changes in order to make it accessible to front-end internet shoppers and differentiate yourself from other businesses. These upgrades/additions are intended to make your online store specially designed so that you may better serve your customers.

There are several PrestaShop website customizations that are always worthwhile to have in order to increase sales and improve conversion rates, regardless of the changes we make or the marketing plan we use. This article will examine many of these website customization strategies for expanding the internet retail industry.

Strategies for Expanding the Internet Retail Industry

1. Home-Page Customization: 

Make use of PrestaShop eCommerce platforms’ built-in tools to add pertinent banners and draw in more clients by promoting special deals and fresh offers. Use display and action hooks to highlight your products and draw clients in with eye-catching images. Customize your home page using a customer-centric strategy since it is the public face of your website. As the text in your footer appears on several pages, make sure it is pertinent and helpful to your audience.

2. Seamless Navigation: 

Reduce the amount of time and energy users spend navigating the system. On the desktop and mobile versions of the website, make the navigation bar a sticky menu. In order for a consumer to access their preferred sub-categories or products from a website’s categories, there shouldn’t be more than 4 or 5 clicks required.

3. Language Support For Cross-Border Business:

Language Support For Cross-Border Business

 If you’re aiming for a global audience, be sure to cater to your customer’s needs in their chosen tongues. You can either manually allow your customers to choose their preferred language during the first onboarding or set it based on the visitor’s location.

4. Permit Personalized Recommendations: 

By merely implementing personalization, you can immediately enhance user experience and happiness with your product or service and, hence, increase sales. These personalizations can be made more comprehensive by incorporating them into “on-site” browsing, personalized triggered emails, web/push notifications, loyalty programs, and ads. Examples of triggered emails include welcome emails, emails sent when a basket is abandoned, emails sent when a product’s price decreases on a wishlist, emails sent after a certain amount of inactivity, etc.

5. Include A Chatbot: 

A growing number of online users enjoy contacting businesses using chatbots. For more individualized customer service, many chatbots are easily automatable. You may also include timed automatic responses or live chat options. Static chatbots like the Facebook Messenger icon are now also available on social messenger services.

6. Display Complementary Products:

Whenever a consumer views a product page, you may also suggest to him or her additional products that are complimentary to the initially seen product. For example, a lookbook might be created for the clothes category of products if this were to be done for any category of products.

7. Pre-Fill The Checkout Entries:

The addresses should be saved by users. Make use of the information to fill in the checkout selections. Pre-filled information is also available for payment preferences. These choices facilitate checkout processes and enhance the overall consumer experience.

8. Loyalty Programs: 

 Loyalty Programs by Knowband

Reward your loyal customers with additional savings like loyalty credit points, exclusive coupons, etc. The ideal kind of clients for an eCommerce organization are those who are devoted and frequently return. Usually, they are also in charge of telling their friends about your online store or service. To encourage customers to shop more, it’s wise to provide them with rewards like loyalty credits.

9. Custom PrestaShop Module Development: 

Many adjustments can be accomplished by only utilizing the pre-existing Prestashop modules like the “Returns Manager”, “Spin & Win popup module,” etc. PrestaShop’s open-source platform status means that any type of module can be designed specifically to meet the demands of any business.

10. Mobile-friendly

Make everything on your PrestaShop website mobile-friendly by designing it responsively.

Make everything on your PrestaShop website mobile-friendly by designing it responsively. As a result, those designs must be functionally sound and visually appealing while being properly aligned on mobile devices.

11. Marketplace Integrations: 

You may incorporate additional platforms on your PrestaShop website. Amazon and Etsy integrations are a couple of examples. Shopify marketplace integrators are available from KnowBand in a variety of forms. From this point, examine each one.

Knowband Etsy Testimonial

For quality assurance, make sure to test all your website customizations and debug as needed. Contact us at if you need PrestaShop website customization of any kind or any module for your website.

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