8 Sale Booster Features of PrestaShop Android & iOS Apps

We are already aware of the revolution in the eCommerce and mobile apps industry. Earlier, we had to go to the actual shops to buy a product or visit the website to order the same online. But, now we are only a few taps away to purchase the products online with Android and iOS apps.  All benefits like increased user engagement, conversion rates, sales etc. are the reason why mobile apps are more preferred than an optimized website. As a result, the eCommerce industry is also getting numerous benefits from mobile apps. In order to surpass the competition and stay ahead in the eCommerce race, every website owner should go for native app development. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker is a predefined and readymade module to launch a reliable Progressive Web App for online store.  

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1. White Label Solution:

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker allows the store owners to launch the branded Android and iOS app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The store admin can also make various required changes such as brand logo, app name, icon, image, splash screen, colors, fonts etc.

2. Interactive Layouts, Themes, And Fonts: 

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder comes with an inbuilt DIY editor that allows the crafting of some interesting layout designs, themes. Various attractive layouts can be designed in the admin panel and the right one can be chosen on the Progressive Web App. The look and feel of the eCommerce mobile app can also be customized by the store admin. 

3. Social Login Options: 

Social media options such as Google and Facebook with email sign-in/up options are integrated into the PrestaShop Mobile App for login and product sharing purposes. The quick login feature also allows users to easily access the Android and iOS app with inbuilt Fingerprint and Phone Number (OTP) options.

4. Multi-lingual Support: 

The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers multilingual support to localize the eCommerce mobile apps. Moreover, all the eCommerce store languages are integrated into the Android and iOS apps. The mobile app also supports RTL writing types such as Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and others.

5. All Payment Methods Support: 

The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App supports all eCommerce website payment and shipping options. So, it makes it safe and secure for users to order from the Android and iOS mobile app.

6. Simplified Checkout: 

The PrestaShop Mobile App also comes with a seamless one-page checkout allowing the users to easily complete the order without filling in too much information. Hence, having a reliable and easy checkout option on the Android and iOS app makes the order submission easier. 

7. Real-time Synchronization: 

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder allows the store owner to fully synchronize eCommerce website product inventory and data into the mobile app. It makes it easy for the store admin to simultaneously handle the eCommerce store and Android/iOS app.

8. Unlimited Push Notifications: 

The PrestaShop App Maker consists of inbuilt push notifications allowing store admin to market/promote the deals and discounts. The users will receive push notifications even if they are not using the mobile app. So, the push notification template, image, redirection can be configured from the admin panel and sent to the Android and iOS app.  


The eCommerce Mobile App helps you to grow your market in several ways. We have mentioned some of the exciting sales-boosting features above. So, the PrestaShop Mobile App Maker has all these features inbuilt along with other benefits as well. It also provides smartphone users a smooth online shopping experience.

Hope the above-listed feature suggestions turn out to be worth it for your future apps. Here is one more suggested Mobile App Maker for WooCommerce in order to launch native Android and iOS apps for WooCommerce websites. All the above listed potent features other beneficial functionalities will be available in the WooCommerce Apps as well.

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