Do you have the Prestashop Automatic Related Products? Know this!

Have you ever seen while scrolling the website that there are products in a section called ‘Related products’? Well, you might have seen them on different pages of the store. For instance, the product page, the checkout page, and others. The store owners can install this feature with the Prestashop Automatic Related Product addon.

One of the most popular examples is the related products section of Amazon. It is where all the related products are listed on the pages. Well, this blog talks about mishaps that you should know about with the Prestashop related products module. In addition, take care of those problems.

Mishaps to avoid with the Prestashop Automatic Related Products

Poorly implemented Suggestive Products

In any case, where Amazon integrates them through the page, on numerous other websites they are frequently a bit of hindsight. Also, they stuck the Related Products block at the bottom of the page. On the contrary, with the Prestashop similar products addon, you can choose to place the products anywhere you want. For instance, on the left sidebar, on the right bar, or in the footer of the page. Now, let us talk about why websites decide so poorly to put the Related Products block at the bottom. Such countless destinations do it gravely, usually for three reasons.

Incorrect suggestions

They give the user helpless titles that don’t clarify why the things apply to the product you are taking a gander at. For instance, choosing random products like body wash and face masks when the customer is looking for hair masks.

Hence, the admin needs to select the relevant products in order to display in that section. For instance, if a customer is looking for hair masks, you can suggest hair gels, shampoos, and conditioners.

Incomplete product information

They offer an absence of product information, so it’s difficult to know whether it is okay to click or it’s a waste of time. For instance, not mentioning the cost of the product. Hence, it would leave the customer clueless about whether he/she’ll be able to afford it or not.

The images are really small and not clear

They show tiny pictures, so they just don’t look appealing. For instance, with a product like snowboards, it is important to show the design.

This is poor considering the user is very far down the pipe and intrigued by what’s on offer. However, still, it keeps them on the page. Primarily because we figured they weren’t doing a lot of damage by the same token.

Yet, any component that isn’t being used efficiently is just adding a mess to the interface. In addition, more things for the user to fathom. It’s taken a couple of years to understand it’s an instance of groupthink: most eCommerce websites have related products for one reason. Hence, it is because most eCommerce locales have related products.

So, how can rectify the problems?

Clarify the relationship of those products to the user—and make it useful for them.

In the event that it’s a technology suggestion, clarify how it has been generated. In the event that you have an editorially curated set of related products you ought to make this understood — users will appreciate understanding the prospect that went into it. For instance, the Prestashop related products plugin allows the admin to choose products relevant to the ones the customer is looking at. Further, he can add them on the front end.

Possibly show the related products when the user has added something to their cart

This is somewhat similar to up-selling. Yet users who are now purchasing are probably going to be simpler to persuade. In addition, you can ask them to add another thing to their purchase. Thus, your related product efforts may be more productive-focused now.

The Prestashop related products addon allows the admin to place the related products on the checkout page as well. In addition, the same can be done on the product page with the Prestashop alike product module. Hence, it’ll be easier for the customers to decide whether they want to add the related product or not.


Anyway, you do it, think before adding the Prestashop advance related product extension on your eCommerce site. The Prestashop product cross-selling module is an extremely functional module that helps customers increase cart value. If you use it functionally and customize it properly, the Prestashop Automatic Related Products is a must-have.

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