Why does your business need Prestashop Store Locator addon?

This is a new era! An era where retailers use both offline/physical stores and eCommerce websites for sales. They are perceiving the value of incorporating their platforms into an omnichannel experience instead of having two segregated sales channels. One straightforward advance to interfacing an online store to actual areas is having a store locator. Well, yes, we’ll be talking about the Prestashop Store Locator addon in this blog.

For stores with multiple areas, it’s an easy decision to help customers discover your stores while searching online. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the main reasons why the Prestashop store locator and pickup addon is a fundamental eCommerce extension for your business.

Why do you need the Prestashop Store Locator module?

1. Increase traffic to your store

It’s a mix-up to imagine that online and actual customers do not associate. Customers in stores think about costs on their cell phones. In addition, searchers online search for stores close to them to check out. Regardless of whether they’re shopping on your website or searching your brand name online, a Prestashop Store locator addon on your website will allow them to find the closest store to their area. This way they customers will get the best shopping experience by ordering the product online and picking it up offline.

2. Offer immediate results to customers in a jiffy

For instance, a customer finally decides to pick up the product from a store in place of getting the delivery. The integrated Google Maps display the stores nearby the customer’s location. Hence, the customer can easily head out and pick up the products using the Prestashop store pickup module.

3. Improve your ‘Purchase Online, Pick Up In-Store’ Experience

Purchase online, get in-store (BOPIS) is a crossover approach to sales that is progressively popular. Right now it is popular because of the pandemic. Customers who purchase online can be certain that the product is in stock. Hence, they can abstain from perusing for what they need. Further, they can get up at their own accommodation without hanging tight for shipping. PrestaShop Google Maps Store Locator plugin shows customers the closest open area can empower BOPIS sales. In addition, carry value to both the physical and online stores without a moment’s delay.

4. Improve online market research

Gathering customer information from online store visits improves your insight into your customer base. In addition, assisting you with forming your strategy. Learn where your customers getting to the store locator are coming from, which actual stores are seen the most. Further, whether customers who use the Prestashop in-store pickup addon wind up purchasing online or not.

5. No shipping fee

Last, no customer likes to pay for shipping. You offer free shipping and your customers will love it. However, you charge them a hefty amount for their products’ delivery, they’ll run off. Hence, with the help of the Prestashop pick-up module, you can empower them to pick up their products themselves – saving you from paying shipping charges.

In the End

Customers are looking online for a store that offers in-store pick up as well. So, it’s essential to have the Prestashop store pick up plugin on your website. With the help of the PrestaShop Google Maps Store Locator plugin, the customers can choose the store for pick up and also see the distance from their location. It is certainly a helpful option for your store because you (and your customers) don’t have to pay for the shipping charges.

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If you want to save more, you can buy the Associate Pack that saves you 30€. The pack includes Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup addon, Preferred Delivery Time module, Shipping Cost addon by ZipCode, and Shipping Timer module.

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