Get the Most Out of the Spin & Win Integration in Mobile App Builder

We occasionally see gamified or interactive CTAs while shopping on eCommerce websites, which motivates us to engage and take advantage of discounts. Offering a “Spin to Win” wheel in the store is one such typical interactive strategy. Have you, however, considered doing the same for mobile apps? Yes, it is correct. Use the mobile eCommerce apps to spin the discount wheel. Internet users can choose from any of the savings shown on the wheel when they spin one of these wheels. For online buyers, this is similar to a lottery for discounts that can encourage them to make more purchases.

Globally, mobile devices are the most widely utilized technology, and users have already found that mobile applications provide the finest environment for online shopping. Mobile applications are increasingly being used by online buyers in place of websites. In light of this, adding a gamified “Spin-and-Win” feature to the eCommerce mobile app might be advantageous for both users and store owners. Increased user engagement and happiness are benefits of “Spin-and-win.”

Spin & Win Extension: A Short Introduction

Spin & Win Extension: A Short Introduction

1. The “Spin-n-Win” popup is subject to any customizations made by the store administrator. It’s positioning, as well as the way it looks and feels, can therefore be altered. Even the where, when, and who of the pop presentation up’s are up to them. Additionally, the pop-up can have a timer set and its display frequency can be changed.

2. Store owners have the option to customize the deals that are presented in each segment of the wheel.

3. To get into the spirit, a variety of themes are also available, including those for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

The Mobile App Builder addon in brief

The KnowBand eCommerce mobile app builder is a no-code solution that creates an adaptable eCommerce mobile app (Android &/or iOS apps). Despite the fact that this extension is a no-code solution, shop administrators may customize their mobile apps in a number of ways by utilizing the streamlined admin panel offered on the extension’s backend. The eCommerce Mobile app builder offers the following features:

  • Customizing the Home Screen Layout
  • complete white-label App
  • Multilingual and International Currency Support
  • Unlimited Messages Sent through Push
  • Live inventory synchronization with the website
  • Instantaneous social login and product sharing
  • WhatsApp conversation, Zopim (Zendesk), and many more.

Latest New Updates

1. Add To Cart button on Home and Category Screens

Users of the eCommerce mobile app won’t have to go to the product screen in order to add an item to their shopping cart. Instead, all it would take is a quick tap of the “Add To Cart” button. All product blocks on the Home Screen and Category Screen have access to this quick button.

2. Reviews & Ratings for Products:

From the eCommerce mobile app, consumers may rate any product or provide insightful input about the product. Real-time synchronization will also be used to display the previously submitted reviews from the website on the app.

3. Affiliated Products for Upselling and Cross-Selling:

Displaying the relevant products on the app will help your stores cross-sell and up-sell efforts. Encourage users to make additional purchases on top of their regular purchases by suggesting additional products to them.

Prepare for the Upcoming 2022 Holiday Season by:

Prepare for the Upcoming 2022 Holiday Season with mobile app builder

In 2022, the winter holiday season will soon arrive. The majority of e-commerce businesses have already started making plans and launching promotions to boost sales. If you haven’t begun, the Spin Win extension and the Mobile App Builder extension combo bundle may both complete the task without any form of strain or bother. The owners of retail businesses are eagerly anticipating increased sales in the next months of October, November, and December. For festivals like Halloween, Christmas, the New Year, and others, the internet community will go absolutely crazy with online buying.

Therefore, stop wasting time and begin developing your eCommerce mobile app with a spinning wheel. If you have any questions, send us an email at

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