Top 6 Most Popular PrestaShop Addons for the online stores

Are you an eCommerce store owner and your store runs on the PrestaShop platform? Are you looking for some of the most popular PrestaShop addons which can help to boost your sales? Then be patient because this is the place where you will get all the answers to your questions. 

PrestaShop is a fantastic eCommerce platform that powers nearly 5 lakh websites. It is a free, open-source platform with feature-packed extensions which help owners to customize their store comfortably and provide a better user experience.   

PrestaShop addons are provided by many organizations as it is open-source. But as an owner, you will always look for someone reliable and honest. In this case, Knowband is unquestionably the better option. 

Knowband is an eCommerce plugin development company that is ranked as a Superhero seller by the expertise of PrestaShop. Also, Knowband is the Premium Partner Agency of PrestaShop with Gold Agency status.   

What a golden chance that an organization with so many accomplishments will be offering the most popular PrestaShop addons for your store.

So, let’s talk about those most popular PrestaShop addons which we are recommending as significant modules for your store.

PrestaShop Back in Stock Notification addon  

Do you ever consider how to notify customers about the restocking of a product that they were unable to purchase because it was out of stock? Well, you are going to end your question here because of the PrestaShop Back in Stock Notification module.

The PrestaShop stock alert module will enable you to send notification alerts to the customers about their product’s restocking via email. Customers have to subscribe to the products which they want to receive alerts. Based on that subscription list, you can easily send alerts to the subscribers.

Most Popular PrestaShop stock alert module

Additionally, the PrestaShop product alert notification module allows you to send customers low stock alert notifications. So, if their favorite product is going low in stock, they can purchase it soon before it goes again out-of-stock.  

PrestaShop One Page Checkout module   

Sometimes customers can get irritated by moving to separate different pages for purchasing any product. Like separate pages for billing, address, order quantity, product details, etc.

What about if we have all these options on one page which will be removed separately, moving to different pages for them? Well, you can do this with the help of the PrestaShop Single Page Checkout module.

Most PrestaShop single page checkout module

The PrestaShop one-page checkout addon enables you to easily provide relevant options required for the checkout process on a single page. These options include social login, guest and customer checkout, product details, billing, and address, etc.  

PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace addon  

Have you considered converting your online store to a marketplace, such as Amazon or Flipkart? Where you can allow other vendors to sell their products in your store? Well, you can do this with the PrestaShop multi-seller marketplace module.

Most Popular PrestaShop multi-seller marketplace addon

With the help of the PrestaShop multi-vendor marketplace module, you can easily manage commissions on sales, decide membership plans. Also, as a vendor you can monitor every vendor’s activity, and many more.  

PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integration extension  

Etsy is an American-based eCommerce website which deals with vintage, crafted, and handmade items. If there is a possibility of synchronizing your store with Etsy, then how cool it will be. So, the  PrestaShop Etsy marketplace integration module allows you to integrate your store with the Etsy marketplace.

Most Popular PrestaShop Etsy marketplace addon

If your store has products like craft, handmade, antiques, and related products. Then the PrestaShop Etsy marketplace addon is the right choice for you. You can also manage your store and Etsy at the same time. Along with managing your sales report, the listing of products, and many more functions from the backend.  

PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module  

Sometimes it might happen that a customer has left a product in their cart without purchasing it. The PrestaShop abandoned cart module will allow you to send serial reminders over their browser about that product. This will help you to remind customers about their left-over product in the cart and complete the checkout process.

PrestaShop abandoned cart module

With the help of the PrestaShop abandoned cart serial reminder module, you can also send discount reminders on the product they left in the cart. This can be the best approach to gaining back the lost attention of the customers to the site. The entire cart activity, including who completed the checkout process and who is still pending, can be monitored and managed from the backend. 

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder extension  

In this modern era where everything can be accessed by mobile phones directly, why would you sacrifice your store for it? With the PrestaShop eCommerce mobile app builder module, you can easily launch your store’s android or iOS application.

PrestaShop mobile app builder

This will allow you to target a large portion of your audience who are mobile-friendly. The PrestaShop mobile app builder addon enables you to quickly create an app for your store that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Doesn’t it sound great that you don’t have to separately look after the android app builder addon and iOS app builder addon? You can easily customize the home screen design layout, categories, payment layout, and many more without any coding knowledge.


As an owner of the store, you are familiar with all the necessities required for your website. So, as per your requirements, go and grab these feature-rich popular PrestaShop addons by Knowband on the PrestaShop Addons store.

Remember, a small delay can even let you miss the chance to grasp this amazing offer. It can help you to raise your productivity and provide a better user experience. 

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