How To Launch An Engaging PrestaShop Progressive Web App?

The mobile app is the need of every eCommerce business, especially lightweight and faster-performing shopping apps. No matter if it is a flourished business or a new one, the eCommerce mobile app is much more than just a usual luxury. A shopping app is also a strong pillar of sales and revenue generation for the eCommerce businesses. . The Prestashop PWA Mobile App is one such reliable solution capable enough to boost the business brand on mobile regardless of user demographics. 

The Progressive Web App is lightweight and consumes less space on users’ smartphones without compromising on the quality & functionality of the app. The PWA Mobile Apps often load content faster and usually do all tasks quicker than native applications. Additionally, These two factors allow mobile apps to succeed even in areas where the internet connectivity isn’t very good. The prominent Progressive Web Apps hardly crashes or face any functional issue on the mobile device. 

PrestaShop Progressive Web App (PWA) Builder:

PWAs, or Progressive Web Apps, are an excellent solution for faster shopping solutions and less space-consuming.  It also provides a broader range of benefits to both store owners and shopping app users. A Prestashop eCommerce PWA Mobile App can be extremely beneficial to an eCommerce business in terms of boosting conversions and revenue.  

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder is a predesigned add-on to launch feature-rich and flawless Progressive Web Apps (PWA). The readymade module allows the store admin to have complete control of the apps. So, This back-office configuration of extension does not require any type of coding knowledge. The easy-to-use admin panel helps the store admin to modify and control the PWA app as per the requirement. Different theme-based attractive home screen layouts can also be created and applied to the eCommerce mobile app home page. Various designing blocks and elements can be created with intuitive color, font attractive banners, pictures, and much more.

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Best-in-class Features Of PrestaShop Progressive Web App: 

1. Fully Branded Apps:

The white-label PrestaShop PWA Mobile Apps allow the store admin to launch the shopping app under its own brand name. The app name, logo, image, banners, UI, etc. are the common factors that can be used as per the business. The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Maker consists of all necessary points to establish a brand identity among mobile audiences.

2. Home Page Layout Customization:

Choosing the home screen layout/design is one of the most common practices to attract more mobile shoppers. Hence, the eCommerce merchant can select, design, and create an impeccable home screen layout and select it according to the requirements. The store owner can also include intuitive colors and fonts, banners, images, and much more to change the whole shopping app home screen look by accessing PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Creator.

3. No Dependency On Third-Party Apps:

The Progressive Web App can be made live on their eCommerce website itself Online visitors do not need to download & install the mobile app from app stores before using it. The customers can directly access the eCommerce website from their mobile browsers & then choose to “Add  PWA App To Home Screen. The online shoppers  just have to click on the “Add to Home Screen” Popup and the Progressive Web App will be installed on the mobile device itself. . The users can directly use the PrestaShop Progressive Web App and browse the same like any other native app. 

4. Easy Login And Checkout:

Every eCommerce business owner has an eye on providing easy login and checkout options to the customer. The store admin can also offer social login (Facebook/Google) and email login and registration options in the PWA mobile app. Thus, the PrestaShop Progressive Web App even allows the customers to checkout simply without any hassle.  The easy access and transactions in-app persuade users for more purchases. 

5. Payment and Shipping Support:

All the eCommerce website payment and shipping options are available in the PrestaShop Progressive Web App. Also, the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder offers full freedom to select the payment and shipping option in the Progressive Web App.

6. Multi-lingual and RTL Support:

The store admin can include all the website languages in eCommerce mobile apps to provide easy translation benefits. Moreover, the store admin can include all the website languages, currencies including RTL scripts(Arabic. Hebrew, Persian, etc.) in the Prestashop Progressive Web App.

7. Real-Time Synchronization:

Manual inventory management can be a hectic and tiresome task for online stores and mobile apps. The Prestashop Progressive Web App Maker made sure to keep the website inventory and database in sync with the PWA Mobile App. Also, any change or update on the website inventory gets reflected automatically on the live Progressive Web App. 

8. Unlimited Push Notifications:

This option serves as a handy marketing tool for the eCommerce business. This PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder provides the custom push notification functionality in the admin panel. The store admin can simply configure the push notification and send the same on users Progressive Web App.  This feature can be commonly used to get improved sales and revenue benefits in the mobile app. 

9. Offline Mode:

The lack of internet connection allows the customer to fetch the mobile app seamlessly, and effectively because of the offline mode feature. The offline feature of Prestashop eCommerce PWA Mobile App works at its best and allows customers to also add products into the shopping app cart and wish list.

10. Coupons and vouchers support: 

Proving coupons and vouchers to the customers is proven as one of the best strategies to promote the PrestaShop Progressive Web App. This feature attracts more customers and persuades them to buy more. The customer can also take advantage of all the website coupon and voucher codes in the eCommerce app.

11. Live Chat Support: 

The PrestaShop Progressive Web App Builder consists of Zopim and Whatsapp chat features to allow the store admin to connect with their customers. Thus, the customer can immediately get answers to their queries, issues and problems and connect to the store owner anytime.

12. User Rating & Reviews: 

The PrestaShop Progressive Web App creator consists of reliable rating and review features. The customers rating and review about a particular product will also serve as a guiding tool and give them a positive feedback. 

Conclusion –

We hope, till now, it must have been clear that launching a Progressive Web App for PrestaShop eCommerce store can do wonders for the business. Also,The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Maker is the most affordable and simple solution to achieve the potent desired apps. 

The Progressive Web App is very engaging for users and lightweight, allowing it to run seamlessly on every mobile device whether it’s on Android or iOS. A shopping app is a smart way to build your mobile web app and it is the right time to go for it. To know about it send us an email at

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