Prestashop Progressive Web App is beneficial for your eCommerce store

Have you been wondering that your eCommerce store needs something more than just the website? Well, the importance of an eCommerce website is visible to every eCommerce marketer but in today’s time when mobiles and tablets are ruling the world, having an eCommerce mobile app would be the best next step. When you talk about a mobile app for eCommerce, you have two options – native shopping app and eCommerce PWA. If you are new to eCommerce PWA, check out this blog for beginners in PWA. As per the trend, the trend of eCommerce Progressive Web App has been going around and we are not kidding – you should have one too. If you have a Prestashop store, you should give PrestaShop PWA Mobile App a try.

This blog talks about the benefits of having Prestashop Progressive Web App for your eCommerce store.

Benefits of PrestaShop Progressive Web App

1. Less expensive than iOS and Android Apps

Since content must be made just a single time, it sets aside time and cash contrasted with delivering content for iOS, Android, and a website separately. PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App additionally doesn’t need updating. Users don’t expect to download any new material. On the off chance that a PWA for PrestaShop works, you don’t need to consider its development any longer. This makes eCommerce PWA a monetarily appealing choice.

2. Enhancement for SEO

The contents in an eCommerce Progressive Web App include in the search results and accordingly add to the SEO improvement. Checking how your Progressive Web App for PrestaShop performs in the search results accomplish with Google Tools. Security and the loading time of a PrestaShop Progressive Web App are significant contemplations here. Add to that the content should be exceptional and appropriate, as is frequently the situation with SEO. Since numerous services and products discovered online, SEO is getting perpetually significant.

3. Bettered page speed

When moving up to a PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App you have to bring to the table a full update of your website. This guarantees that you don’t simply get the upsides of caching services workers you can eliminate scare tissue that hinders your sit. You can make your website a speed devil by updating to best practices, subsequently giving you a solid edge over your opposition. And when the guest returns your cached resources decrease latencies in the organization, boosting your normal chance to the principal byte, making loading of your pages smoother. It will be greatly done with the help of the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder.

4. Low storage usage

There is a battle continuing for a spot on the devices. It’s additionally getting progressively hard for native shopping apps to get a spot in users’ lives. Thus, it is a preferred position that the eCommerce Progressive Web App doesn’t have a high limit for use. Above all else, the edge is low as there is no compelling reason to download any new app. Along these lines, your targeted group tests the Progressive Web App for PrestaShop. They can likewise utilize the app Offline. It likewise takes up less memory than native apps, which is an essential thought for a user now and again.

4. Offline working

The capacity to work offline or in undermined networks makes eCommerce PWA significantly more helpful than websites that require a legitimate connection with the Internet. Built-in service workers consequently file fundamental highlights and information from the progressive web applications, eliminating the need to download it and permitting users to utilize it without a web connection.

For instance, on the saving of information that users have recently seen pages. This usefulness is significant for retailers as it encourages buyers to quit leaving their indexes and builds customer maintenance.

5. Free of App Stores

You will discover Progressive Web App for PrestaShop over a search engine and other sites. You may likewise have the option to offer a PrestaShop PWA Mobile App using a social media site, homepage, or another component of your environment. You’re not dependent on app stores any longer. However, app stores have the benefit of having the option to hit a huge audience in one go.


Now that you know how beneficial PrestaShop Progressive Web App is for your eCommerce store, you should certainly give it a try. It brings in conversions and sales for your business. Knowband features an eCommerce PWA for every platform including PrestaShop.

If you’re looking for Android and iOS apps for PrestaShop, we have got a solution for that as well. Launch and publish the apps on Google Play and the Apple App store and transform your eCommerce business in no time. The huge mobile reach and exposure will definitely raise the sales graph for your store. The Android and iOS Mobile App Builder are also available for Magento 2 and OpenCart eCommerce platforms.

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