Streamline Your E-commerce Operations with Knowband’s Etsy PrestaShop Integration Addon

Expanding your online presence often involves selling on multiple platforms, and Etsy stands out as a popular marketplace for handmade and unique products. To seamlessly integrate your PrestaShop store with Etsy and optimize your multichannel selling strategy, Knowband introduces the Etsy PrestaShop Integration Addon. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key features and benefits of this integration, illustrating how it can simplify your operations and enhance your e-commerce presence.

What is the Etsy PrestaShop Integration Addon?

Etsy PrestaShop Integration Addon by Knowband

The Etsy PrestaShop Integration Addon by Knowband is a robust solution that facilitates the synchronization of your PrestaShop store with your Etsy shop. This integration automates various aspects of the selling process, from product listing and inventory management to order processing, ensuring a seamless experience for sellers looking to reach a broader audience on Etsy.

Key Features of Prestashop Etsy Connector:

Effortless Product Listing:

The addon simplifies the process of listing products on Etsy directly from your PrestaShop store. Save time and reduce manual effort by synchronizing product details, images, and descriptions seamlessly.

Real-time Inventory Management:

Keep your inventory in sync across both platforms in real-time. Avoid overselling or stockouts with automated inventory updates, ensuring accurate product availability on both your PrestaShop store and Etsy shop.

Bulk Product Upload and Update:

Save time and streamline operations by uploading and updating multiple products in bulk. The Prestashop Etsy Synchronization Addon allows you to manage a large catalog efficiently.

Order Management:

Centralize order processing with the ability to manage Etsy orders directly from your PrestaShop admin panel. Enjoy a unified order management system that enhances efficiency.

Automated Shipment and Tracking:

The Prestashop Etsy Synchronization Addon automates the shipment process, marking orders as shipped on Etsy and providing tracking information. This ensures timely and accurate order fulfillment for a better customer experience.

Benefits of Using the Prestashop Etsy Synchronization Addon:

Benefits of Using the Prestashop Etsy Synchronization Addon

Wider Market Reach:

Expand your market reach by seamlessly listing your PrestaShop products on Etsy, reaching a unique audience interested in handmade, vintage, and craft items.

Time and Resource Savings:

Automate tedious tasks such as product listing, inventory management, and order processing. This allows you to focus on growing your business rather than handling repetitive manual processes.

Centralized Operations:

Enjoy the convenience of managing both your PrestaShop store and Etsy shop from a centralized admin panel. This Prestashop Etsy API Integrator streamlines your multichannel selling strategy.

Reduced Errors and Discrepancies:

Minimize the risk of errors and discrepancies by automating data synchronization between platforms. Ensure consistency in product information, inventory levels, and order processing.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Provide a seamless and efficient shopping experience for customers. The Prestashop Etsy API Integrator ensures that product details, availability, and order status are accurate and up-to-date.

How to Install the Etsy PrestaShop Integration Addon:

Purchase and Download:

Visit the Knowband website, locate the Etsy PrestaShop Integration Addon, and complete the purchase. Download the addon files to your computer.


Log in to your PrestaShop admin panel, navigate to the Modules and Services section, and click on ‘Add a new module.’ Upload the addon files and install them.


After installation, configure the addon settings according to your Etsy shop requirements. Set up product synchronization, inventory management, and other parameters to suit your business needs.

Save and Activate:

Save the configuration settings and activate the addon. Your PrestaShop store is now seamlessly integrated with your Etsy shop, allowing for efficient multichannel selling.


The Prestashop Etsy API Integrator by Knowband empowers online sellers to expand their reach and streamline operations across multiple platforms. By automating essential tasks and providing a centralized management system, this integration enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and improves the overall customer experience. Invest in this addon today and take your e-commerce business to new heights by seamlessly connecting your PrestaShop store with Etsy.

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