Boost Your Sales with PrestaShop Delivery Boy App by Knowband

When it comes to online eCommerce, delivery is the most important factor. Customers will be unhappy if they have problems in receiving their purchased products. As a result, it is critical for any eCommerce business to provide quick and secure product deliveries to customers. KnowBand’s PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App is a highly effective and ready-to-use plugin. It is used for managing doorstep deliveries via delivery boy apps. Its framework allows business owners to add Delivery Boys, manage deliveries, and track them all from the PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder backend. It helps eCommerce organizations in the effective management of online delivery services. 

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1. White Label and Fully Customizable App:

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Maker provides a white-label app solution for eCommerce websites. The store admin can add his own app logo, app name, and splash screen while creating delivery boy apps for Android and iOS.

2. Delivery Boys Registration:

The delivery boys can easily register on the PrestaShop eCommerce Delivery Boy App by accessing its web module. The store admin only has to verify the delivery boy’s personal information, such as his name, email address, verified photo, vehicle information, and so on. The delivery agent will also receive the login ID and password to access the mobile app and start working after downloading the PrestaShop Delivery Management App from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

3. Order Management:

The order status can be changed to open, assigned, delivered, or pending by the store admin in the PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Creator backend. The order management feature allows the store manager to keep track of the delivery boy’s activity and manage them by assigning them the task whenever required. 

4. Order Details in App:

The PrestaShop Order Tracking App shows order details such as an order ID, amount, items in that order, delivery address, contact information, total cost, order status history, and so on to the delivery agent. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App also includes a commenting option which allows delivery guys to post a comment when they face some problems while delivering. The delivery boy tracks and changes the status of assigned, pending & delivered orders in the dashboard of the PrestaShop Delivery Boy App for eCommerce. 

5. Integrated Google Maps-

The delivery guy does not know the route most of the time and he can reach the wrong place. Thus, the Google Maps feature in the PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder makes it quite easy for the delivery boy to follow the most comfortable route. It can be easily done by tracking the delivery address live location.

6. Order Acceptance & Rejection:

In the PrestaShop eCommerce Delivery Boy App, the delivery boy may also accept and refuse delivery of the order at its convenience. If the delivery boy rejects the request, then he must explain the cancellation reason. If the delivery agent accepts the request for delivery, then the delivery process can be further followed up.

7. One-Time-Password Verification:

The user receives the OTP once the order is sent to the address of the customer. When the delivery is successful, the customer has to tell the OTP to the delivery agent. So, the delivery boy can only mark orders which will be delivered after entering the OTP on the PrestaShop Delivery Management App.


Now, you can understand how the PrestaShop Order Tracking App supports easy and fast delivery management. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Maker also has a number of features that assist in the seamless operation of the delivery app. It also provides a positive shopping experience for your consumers. If you would like to integrate it into your e-commerce store, e-mail us at

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