Manage PrestaShop Store Deliveries easily with Delivery Boy App

It is very important to establish a link of trust and reliability between the eCommerce store and the customers. Timely deliveries could bridge the gap between the two. As of today, the delay in order deliveries is one of the major drawbacks leading to a decrease in conversions. Having a prominent Delivery Management system could be the game-changer in this case. The delivery is a complex process and managing it smoothly is a challenging task. The store admin has to make sure that the process is managed with less manual intervention. The Delivery Boy App for eCommerce provides several opportunities for the store admin to sustain with easier and quicker deliveries. The ease in the delivery process boosts the customer loyalty graph and encourages them to shop more.

In this article, we are going to discuss how the PrestaShop store owners can achieve proper and seamless delivery management for their eCommerce store?

What is PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder?

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App Maker is a ready-made solution to launch the native Android and iOS Delivery Boy app. The store admin need not worry about coding or technical work as everything will be handled via the module. In simple words, the store admin does not need to learn the coding language and still be able to perform the desired changes from the admin panel of extension.

The extension installed on the PrestaShop back office allows the store admin to add or manage the delivery boys, order management, etc. On the other hand, the delivery boy apps are an efficient way to manage the delivery task easily and seamlessly. The Delivery Agent can simply login into the delivery app and check and process the orders.

Knowband has been one of the top brand names known for providing the perfect solution for the eCommerce business. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App is designed and developed by considering all the delivery and business-related aspects in the mind.

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Features To Consider In PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder

Admin End Features:

1. Classifying The Brand:

Most of the eCommerce plugin developers do not provide this opportunity to the eCommerce store to classify their own brand. By using the brand name, logo, theme, splash screen and etc, the store admin can keep the PrestaShop Delivery Boy App fully branded to the business. This feature of the white label solution makes delivery management more easier and trustworthy.

2. Easy To Manage Customer Order:

It can be a very complex task to manage all the customers in one go. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Maker extension allows the admin to manage the order and the delivery boy. The order status can be changed to assigned, pending, delivered, etc. manually from the admin and accordingly gets updated on the Delivery Boy App during run time.

3. Customer Details Management:

In order to manage the customer order, the store admin can assign the order to the relevant delivery boy. The customer details can be simply checked by the delivery agent like order id, delivery address, contact number, cost, order status history, etc.

4. Delivery Boy Management:

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Builder allows the store admin to manage the data of the delivery boy in a more structured & proper format. All the data and information related to the delivery boy are stored in a tabular format and can be managed easily. Multiple delivery agents can be added to the admin panel of the module.

5. Push Notification:

Push notifications are one of the best marketing channels. But these are being utilized in PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Creator in the most effective way. The push notifications will be sent automatically to the Delivery Boy App according to changes in customer orders. Push notification is a great technique for managing all the delivery boys and orders with ease.

Delivery Boy App Features:

1. Easy Registration of Delivery Boy:

The PrestaShop Delivery Management App allows the delivery boy to get registered with ease. The store merchant can add the delivery boy to the admin panel. The delivery boy can download the mobile app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and log in with the shared credentials. Now, the delivery boy can start delivering the goods to the customer’s doorstep.

2. Order Listing and Dashboard:

This feature of the PrestaShop Order Tracking App allows the delivery boy to check the orders with ease into a well-formatted tabular form. The order dashboard screen consist of the assigned, pending, delivered order blocks. There is also an option of commenting that helps the delivery boy to put their views across in case of any error or difficulty while delivering.

3. OTP Verification:

The automatic autogenerated OTP options in PrestaShop Order Tracking App ensure safe delivery. The delivery boy has to ask for the code from the customer and enter it in the mobile apps to mark the order as complete.

4. Easy Navigation:

The easy navigation setting menu in PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App allows the delivery guy to switch to various screens. The profile also shows all the information stored about the delivery agent.

5. Filter and Sorting:

The filter and sorting options in PrestaShop Delivery Boy App for eCommerce allow the delivery guy to shortlist and find the desired orders. This option ensures that the delivery boy does not have to spend much time in findings the orders.

6. Google Maps:

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Maker allows the delivery boy to find the suitable and appropriate route for the order delivery. The integrated Google Maps makes sure the delivery boy reaches there in a short period of time.

7. Order Acceptance and Rejection:

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App gives choice to the delivery boy to either accept or reject the orders. If the order is accepted then the delivery boy can follow the managed schedule otherwise he has to provide the reason for the cancellation.


The PrestaShop Delivery Management App comes with a lot of advantages that allow the store admin to offer quick deliveries and parallelly manage the delivery boy. The module and app included all the important features that should be there hassle-free management and tracking. To know more, connect with us at

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