What are the Amazing Features of the PrestaShop Gift Card Addon

PrestaShop is a platform that was launched in the year 2007 to help people create a successful e-commerce platform. PrestaShop headquarters are in Paris and the offices are all over the world and service in a multitude of languages.

E-Gift cards carry a lot of advantages to eCommerce storekeepers. For reaching new customers, drive revenue, and building brand awareness, digital gift cards are the best. Therefore it’s really important to have a gift card option being an eCommerce store owner. 

PrestaShop Gift Card Module adds catchy features to the front-end:

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager by Knowband comes with a brand new layout and design which is highly appealing to the end-users. The latest version has the usefulness to add new items from the back-end and customized pictures from the front end. It improves the client experience.

The PrestaShop Gift Card addon is capable of capturing more sales and new customers:

The digital gift cards by PrestaShop are sold more during the holiday season. Digital Gift cards help in boosting the revenue of the holiday season.

PrestaShop Gift Card boost sales: 

At the point when clients purchase gift vouchers to your store, it isn’t intended that they purchase once and stop them. They return to your store to purchase the gift vouchers. So the addon helps in boosting up the percentage of sales.

The module attract new customers:

At the point when a client gives the gift voucher to another person, the new purchasers are continually ready to visit the new store to investigate and likely re-visit to make an extra purchase. 

How the Store Admin is benefitted from PrestaShop Gift Card Manager?

1. The module permits the e-commerce traders to try and tap the crowd base that decides what to purchase instantly.

2. The likelihood to add new customized visuals and illustrations can provide a great impact on the front-end.

3. Because of the PrestaShop Gift Voucher Addon, the admin gets the freedom to set the terms and conditions of the gift card as well as manage it accordingly.

4. PrestaShop Send Gift Card addon boosts the chances of conversions as it makes online transactions simpler.

5. With the purchase insights and associated orders, the traders can plan a proper marketing campaign.

Reasons for using the PrestaShop Gift Cards Addon in eBusiness?

There are various reasons for using the PrestaShop Gift Card addon by Knowband:

  • Buying becomes easier with this addon

Individuals by and large lean toward effortlessness as opposed to uniqueness in purchasing gift vouchers. When you have Prestashop Gift Card Vouchers addon for sale in your store or on your website, you get the opportunity of deserving all those esteemed gift voucher dollars. 

  • It attract new customers 

PrestaShop Gift module can convey a few customers into your store, the provider alongside the collector of the gift voucher. Offering 

incentives for each gathering and motivating customers to re-visit the store is possible with this module. For instance, a sender on buying a gift voucher of 200$ gets an extra gift voucher of 10$ and the beneficiary on getting the gift voucher will get a discount on other store products. 

  • Building up the relationship with PrestaShop Gift Card addon is possible

With an e-gift voucher program, you get the opportunity to collaborate with gift providers and recipients in an elective manner, with a few points.

Beneficiaries will presumably look at your site to dispatch the gift voucher, verify the charges, load the card, notice what’s retailed, see shop hours, etc. Thus sender and recipients have a solid connection with you as now customers are familiar with your brand or shop name.

Which company size is recommended for PrestaShop? 

Medium and large size companies can use downloadable versions. PrestaShop Ready is good for smaller companies. PrestaShop downloadable Software is good for smaller companies only when you have good experience in coding.

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