Preferred Delivery Time: How to Accelerate Business Growth?

Previously, the experience of your clients would mostly depend on the quality of your items. Now, that is not the case. Retail giants like Amazon and eBay have changed how people think and what they expect from stores and set standards for other online shops. As promised during the checkout process, the products are sent out the same day or within two days.

This is the reason why consumers today don’t just think about quality when making a purchase decision; they also think about the time of delivery. Therefore, timely deliveries are essential in the present since you risk losing consumers if you consistently miss delivery deadlines.

If you own an online store, you need to know what timely product delivery entails and why it matters.

On-Time Delivery: What Is It?

How Important On-Time Deliveries Are

On-time deliveries, as the name suggests, refer to when you provide a product that customers have ordered. Experts also refer to it as a statistic you may use to assess a company’s capacity to fulfill orders within the window of the anticipated delivery date from the standpoint of business logistics.

How Important On-Time Deliveries Are?

1. Customers Feel Appreciated

Product quality and timely delivery go hand in hand. To keep your customers interested, you must hold onto both. If you don’t offer either, your clients can start to stray and stop believing in you. Another reality is that nearly nothing can be hidden because of how much the digital shift has impacted our lives.

Customers should not bring concerns about missed delivery deadlines to you at this time. They can now expose your weaknesses online across a range of media, seriously jeopardizing the reputation of your company.

For instance, people can leave unfavorable comments about your business on review websites or in your app. They can also call you out for your mistake by tagging you on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media platform. Therefore, the issue is now between you and your customer rather than being visible to a big worldwide digital audience. To protect your online brand reputation, on-time delivery is now much more crucial than previously.

2. Enhanced Client Satisfaction

To deliver goods on time, you might need to be more consistent. Because on-time delivery failures may be noticed by your consumers quickly, and on-time delivery acknowledgment may be delayed, it is important to maintain consistency. Because it is in our nature to notice and draw attention to negative things more quickly than positive ones.

The upside is that your efforts will eventually show in your high levels of client satisfaction. Customers who are pleased with their purchases are more inclined to support your business financially by making additional purchases from you in the future.

Prestashop Preferred delivery time features

3. Increased brand exposure and rapport

If you become careless, you can lose one or two clients. That is how the quick-moving digital world has affected enterprises. Customers have several options and can quickly switch to your rival. As a result, in order to maintain and grow your consumer base, you’ll need to put up more work beyond simply providing quality. On-time product delivery is a terrific solution for it.

Deliveries that are on time let your clients have the finest shopping experience possible by enhancing your high-quality products. In fact, if you consistently make deliveries on schedule, your customers might start acting as your “salesmen.”

Both online and offline audiences are aware of your brand as a result of the excellent evaluations and word-of-mouth that your pleased consumers provide online. This will increase your visibility and outreach quickly, as well as, of course, strengthen the relationship you have with your brand.

4. Enhanced Logistics Performance

The effectiveness of your supply chain can also be improved through on-time deliveries. Delivering goods on schedule helps the supply chain run more smoothly and decreases backlogs. Through appropriate tactics to assure on-time deliveries, you can also prevent surplus or shortfall of in-demand products.

How to Calculate Timely Deliveries?

The phrase “On-Time Delivery” rate is used. It relies on how many product units out of the goods your customer orders are delivered on or before the scheduled delivery date. Think of an illustration. When a customer orders 100 units of a product, you only deliver 90 on schedule. You further reassure the client that you will supply the final 10 units quickly. The client accepts the disadvantage and admits it.

How to Make Deliveries on Time?

You may ensure a high on-time delivery rate in a variety of ways, as listed below:

1. Continually monitor your inventory to proactively handle any surpluses or deficits.

2. Make sure you regularly and effectively engage with your suppliers and vendors to maintain transparency and gain full visibility.

3. Make it a point to concentrate on in-demand products because you might need to maintain more of their inventory on hand.

4. Keeping a cushion of a day or two is advised if you provide your customer with an expected delivery date, especially if the purchase is large. Even if you are certain that you will be able to fulfill the order by the deadline, try to allow for any unforeseen delays brought on by either human or natural causes. This will lessen the likelihood that anyone would complain or express issues if you are a day or two late.

5. Why not give customers the power to choose their own delivery date? It sounds fantastic, but how can you provide that? by including a delivery date manager with lots of features in your shop.

What Role Can Knowband Play in On-Time Delivery?

What Role Can Knowband Play in On-Time Delivery

As was said in the previous paragraph, you can let your clients choose a delivery date. Our PrestaShop Delivery Date Manager may be the best option for you if you want to give such independence through your online store.

It enables you to give delivery dates and window choices to your consumers. In addition, you have a number of other options, including the ability to let consumers submit comments, establish an order processing time, track orders, etc. Additionally, you can set aside non-working days and times and display additional delivery fees for a few particular dates.

Your logistics are more efficient when clients choose the date themselves because you know when to deliver what rather than having to make the decision yourself. You can increase the percentage of on-time delivery as a result.

Final Words

On-time delivery has the power to instantly make or damage your company’s reputation. It’s high time you perfected your delivery plan and gained the confidence of your clients. In addition to offering you our modern Delivery Date Scheduler for PrestaShop, we can assist you with that.

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