Is the Prestashop Facebook Store a beneficial module for your store?

This doesn’t come as a surprise that if you have your eCommerce business on Facebook, you are not working the best of your potential. What do you think?

Having a Facebook store matters a lot for your eCommerce business. Furthermore, in case you have a Prestashop platform, take a look at the Prestashop FB Store.

Above all, what does the Prestashop FB Shop addon do?

The Prestashop Facebook Store addon helps the Prestashop store owner to integrate your fan page on Facebook. With the help of the Prestashop addon on your PrestaShop store. It allows the admin to examine the insights of sales with Google Analytics.

This blog talks about the ways the Prestashop FB store integration module has been beneficial for your eCommerce store. Certainly, we’ll get down to laying down the perks of having the Prestashop addon. However, before that, take a look at the key features of the Prestashop FB shop integration.

Key features of the Prestashop Facebook integration

  • Upload home page images on Facebook
  • Customizable menu bar
  • Showcase new arrivals, bestsellers, and more with
  • Connect with Google Analytics
  • Prestashop Facebook Store Integration helps set up the brand logo
  • Set the theme of your Facebook shop
  • Add footer content with the Prestashop Facebook store

Benefits of the Facebook store integration with Prestashop

Integrates your fan page on Facebook

The Prestashop Facebook shop integration module integrates your fan page on Facebook with your webstore. This helps your business reach a wider audience.

Auto listing of products

The Prestashop Facebook Store Integration addon helps the store admin set the auto listing of products on their Facebook store. This helps in creating less chaos of handling both the store and the Facebook page individually.

The admin can choose selected products on the Facebook shop

In case the admin wants to display some selected products on its FB page, the Prestashop Facebook store addon helps. He/she can easily do it from the back-end without any problems. Hence, he can display the chosen products on Facebook to all its followers.

Increases the revenue

The Prestashop Facebook Store Setup is responsible for expanding your revenue horizons. In addition, building customer following/dependability to your brand.

Builds genuine followers

There is nothing paid in this module. Furthermore, the Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon helps your business get genuine likes and followers.

Prestashop FB Store allows followers to check your products from the FB page

With the help of the Prestashop FB store integration module, you can allow your followers to check your products on the FB Fan Page by making a Shop Tab on the same.

Track the changes in sales with Google Analytics

The Prestashop FB shop integration module investigates the changes in the sale with Google Analytics in your admin dashboard itself. With just a few button toggles, the admin can easily figure out the changes in the sales pattern.

The module connects any number of pages and helps them being managed at one end

With the FB integration with the Prestashop Addon, the admin can interface any number of Pages and manages them toward one side with the Prestashop Facebook shop integration addon.

Changing the look and feel of the module is easy

The store admin can change the look and feel of the module anytime from the back-end.

The admin can display desirable products on the Facebook store

The Prestashop Facebook Store Setup addon displays the desired products and categories on your FB page.


Do you want your visitors to be your genuine followers and want the number of likes? In addition, increase the followers on the social media platform? The Prestashop FB store integration module is a must-have. Above all, with so many benefits and such a small amount to pay, why should you stay back?

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