Integrate your fan page on Facebook with Prestashop Fb store

One of the intelligent ways to hike your business growth is by building a Facebook store. Furthermore, this helps you to showcase your business on a global level. Prestashop Fb store allows store merchants to seek attention from new audiences and thereby generate more customers for the store. In addition, with the help of this extension, one can easily share the content, market your store product and services.

People who are new to the online business should add this Prestashop Fb store extension to their store. But, you must remember that to use this module your Facebook page should have at least 2000 likes.

Prestashop Facebook Store Integration module allows store merchants to enhance the product visibility on different social media platforms. Additionally, the Prestashop Facebook store plugin attracts visitors in large and potential buyers in large number on your PrestaShop website. Moreover, this extension comes with different features that make it the reason for adding to an eCommerce website.

Features of Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon

Homepage Images & Logo

To catch the eye of the visitors, The Prestashop Facebook Integration Addon adds a homepage image and logo on your eCommerce store.

Display Featured Products

Featured products display on the FB store with the help of PrestaShop Facebook store integration. In addition, the admin can select the featured products. Last, he/she can pick random products from the website.

Showcase Products into different Categories

With the help of this extension, store merchants can easily show website products into different categories like Best Sellers, Special Products, etc.

Simple Installation

Prestashop Facebook Store Integration Module requires zero coding skills for its installation and configuration.

Beneficial for Traffic And Sales

Store merchants looking for more traffic and sales on their store need to install the Prestashop Facebook store module. Hence, it leads to better sales and revenue.

Merchant benefits of the Prestashop Facebook Store Setup

Increase Number Of Vistors

Whether it’s about increasing the number of visitors to the store or increasing potential buyers, with the PrestaShop store it’s possible. However, the Facebook community contributes majorly to boosting the customer base at your store once this extension integrates.

Integrates Fan Page And Provide Auto Listing On Facebook

The Prestashop Facebook Store Module coordinates your fan page on Facebook with your Prestashop store. Moreover, the Prestashop Facebook Store Setup module offers the auto-posting of things on your Facebook store.

Increase Revenue And Customer Engagement

This extension helps in raising revenue and customer engagement. In addition, this even increases customer following/loyalty towards a specific brand. Furthermore, this module even allows customers to display selected featured products on your Prestashop Facebook shop.

Allows Users To See Products

With Prestashop Facebook Store Integration Addon users can see products through PrestaShop Facebook Shop as it creates a Shop tab at your Facebook fan page.

Customer Benefits of the Prestashop FB store integration

Customers Can View Products And Categories

With the help of this Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon, the users can view products and categories by just visiting the Facebook store page. In addition, the PrestaShop Facebook shop integration addon allows the customers to buy the products by visiting the Facebook store page.

Provide Authentic Shopping

After clicking the “Add to cart” on the Prestashop Facebook Shop page, the customer takes to the store to have an authentic shopping experience.


Prestashop Facebook Store Integration Module includes a tab on your Facebook page and records items available for purchase on Facebook itself. Consequently, makes a Prestashop Facebook look for you. Further, PrestaShop is a free online business platform where anyone can make his/her eCommerce online shop with a couple of steps. Moreover, in the wake of making a store, the fundamental worry that surfaces to each retailer are promoting and making his items/image increasingly more presented to the world.

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