Eliminate pagination, switch to the PrestaShop Infinite Scroll module

Prestashop Infinite Scroll module is one of the best extensions for eCommerce websites as it leads to higher customer engagement on the website. This extension leads to better revenue. Prestashop Infinite Scroll Addon places entire content on one page that loads as soon as the customer scrolls down the page. Due to this extension, customers don’t have to open the following page. To make browsing easy and intuitive, the Prestashop Infinite scrolling addon encourages continuous and automatic scrolling. The extension is SSL, multi-store, and compatible with SEO-friendly URLs. Besides that, the extension is compatible with all the PrestaShop themes.

Major Advantages Offered By Prestashop Infinite Scroll

Displays Loader

While the Next Set Of Products Load, PrestaShop Fast Scroll Addon displays a loader. With the help of this extension, store admin can disable the functionality when you do not wish to display the loader.
Prestashop Infinite Scroll Allows To Choose The Scroll Type
With the help of this extension, store admin can either choose Infinite scrolling to stack the following arrangement of components or show a “Load More” option toward the end of a page.

Prestashop Infinite Scroll Display Go To Top Button

PrestaShop Infinite Scroll plugin allows you to show a “Go to Top” button on your eCommerce website clicking on which client heads to the top of the page within seconds. This extension helps in saving user’s time from wasting on scrolling consistently to reach the top.

Appearance Of Load More Button Can Be Specified

Prestashop list view scrolling addon allows the store admin to set the display of load more button after a client visits a specific number of pages. For instance, when the load more link is set at 2, it will be shown to the client once the individual in question has visited at any rate 2 pages. Before that will be automatic scrolling.

Customization Of The Message Box

Pick custom shades for your message box and plan it according to your necessities. You can pick a custom background shade of the message box, text shade of the message box, border color of the message box, and set the background shade of the “Go to top button”. There is additionally the choice of choosing the design type which allows you to show items either in List view or Grid view, yet this element is available just in PrestaShop version 1.6.

Major Benefits Of PrestaShop Infinite Scroll

Suitable For Mobile Users

PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Extension is perfect for mobile users as it makes their search easier and that leads to higher customer engagement. The best examples of this extension are Facebook and Instagram. The PrestaShop Endless Scroll module allows your guests to appreciate a comparative sort of involvement in your eCommerce store.

PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Increase User Engagement

The Infinite Scroll Extension makes an appealing design for your product posting, which results in higher client engagement.
Average Site Time Boosted By Prestashop infinite scrolling addon
With the increment in client engagement, your normal website time is consequently expanded. Clients prefer spending more time and energy on the website using infinite scrolling instead of Pagination.

Reduces Bounce Rate

One of the biggest features of the PrestaShop Infinite Scroll module is that it reduces the bounce rate by a huge edge by making clients stay for a more extended length on your eCommerce site, hence that leads to improvement in your website’s presentation.

Prestashop Infinite Scrolling Addon Avoids Multiple Clicks

Sometimes it gets overwhelming for the client to tap on the following page button over and over to head towards the following page. PrestaShop Infinite Scroll stacks the entire content at one spot and consequently keeps away from the need to click on different occasions.

Improves User Experience

Since PrestaShop Infinite Scroll gives better openness of your site substance to your guests, it will in general improve the client experience by and large.


PrestaShop Infinite Scrolling is highly effective in reducing bounce rate. It even helps in boosting up user engagement, average site time, and improves user experience. Therefore, old and conventional pagination system should be switched with infinite scrolling.

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