Reduce bounce rate with PrestaShop Quick Scroll Addon

The only objective of any business is to reach to new clients and increase the sales rate with the old ones however a few clients don’t make it to the endpoint and leave without purchasing. In eCommerce, it is known as the bounce rate. You may be getting enough clicks yet no transformations and numerous site elements can be answerable for bounce rate.

In the event that you don’t need your clients to bounce back, you need to give interesting content that can keep clients engaged and is powerful in the search bar.

How to reduce the bounce rate of your e-commerce store?

PrestaShop Quick Scroll Addon is the answer to it. Let’s find out how. The PrestaShop endless scroll Addon by Knowband is a feature-packed plugin that generates automatic loading on the items listing page. This module offers easy navigation through the item list.

PrestaShop fast scroll Addon offers seamless browsing and is a modern replacement for Pagination System.

Features of PrestaShop Quick Scroll Addon

PrestaShop dropdown scrolling plugin reduces the bounce rate

Increased or higher bounce rate is one of the essential worries of site proprietors and they search for different approaches to cut it down. One such approach is the PrestaShop quick scroll addon.

The lesser bounce rate happens when the user spends more time on your website. The bounce rate will automatically decrease with an increase in the average time spent by a user on the website.

PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Addon increases the average time on site

PrestaShop fast scroll plugin increases the average time on site because it makes site visitors stick to your website for a longer duration than what they would have if there should be an occurrence of a pagination cycle.

Customers visiting your e-commerce platform expects more than their expectations while they are scrolling the content continuously. Facebook and Instagram are one such example.

Keeping the flow going that’s what makes PrestaShop endless scroll Addon different.

The right time of using PrestaShop list view Addon

Thinking about all the factors, we feel the right time to use PrestaShop Quick Scroll Module is :

1. Being a store owner your topmost priority is the user experience and customer engagement, go with PrestaShop list product extension.

2. When the store owner is having limited content on its website and that a user can reach the endpoint after a specific time, prefer the Infinite Scrolling feature.

Whether a specific store owner wants to use the PrestaShop Quick Scroll Module or not, entirely depends upon the website design as well as on merchants choice. Various platforms support e-commerce business but if you are planning to use specifically PrestaShop, there are various PrestaShop infinite scrolling module that can be used on your website.

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