The attributes of the Prestashop Progressive Web App to know

It was long back while having a fruitful business was tied in with having a website. Furthermore, it turned out great and the customers continued coming and purchasing from you. Well, that was a distant past for sure. Things have changed now. Presently, the market is about competition and remaining ahead with the most recent technical progressions. After, the website went to the native apps that just made things such a ton simpler. Notwithstanding, with speedy internet, the native apps took off high. In any case, on the off chance that the web speed is low, the native apps fizzle. On the contrary, the Prestashop Progressive Web App came into the center stage.

Anyway, What are Progressive Web Apps?

An eCommerce PWA isn’t that equivalent to some other web application. You access it with your smartphone’s program, similar to what you do with a standard mobile website. However, in the genuine, the PWA packs the front-line tech that makes it continue and feel like a native app.

On the off chance that you have a Prestashop store, having the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App will take your eCommerce business higher than ever. The PrestaShop Progressive Web App gives your customers a consistent shopping encounter. Furthermore, gives admittance to your content in any event, when there’s negligible or no web network.

Highlights of the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder

White label arrangement in PWA for Prestashop

At the point when a store vendor makes an eCommerce mobile app, he needs the app to be under the brand’s name. With Knowband’s PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Creator, the admin can be confident as per the white label arrangement included. Hence, the outcome will be under the brand name and will nothing to do with Knowband.

Included product listing in eCommerce PWA

The featured product listing highlight in the eCommerce PWA permits adding different product/class-based components. These components can be effectively altered with standards with redirection. The store dealer will feature the top products on the absolute first page of the web-application.

Simple customization

The users can undoubtedly add the Prestashop PWA mobile app to their Home Screen by visiting the website. The store admin can with no problem, design and tweak the home screen from the back-end.

eCommerce Progressive Web App enhances engagement and is reliable

With regards to dependability/reliability, the PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App works even in the direst outcome imaginable – no or frail web connection. Where the native apps need a solid connection, the eCommerce PWA’s can undoubtedly work without the web also. The equivalent improves customer engagement – on account of the Push Notifications highlight. The store admin can send limitless push notifications to the users with the PWA for PrestaShop.

Multi-device compliance is there in Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder

The PrestaShop Progressive Web App works entirely on all gadgets that can be held in the hand like cell phones, iPhone, tablets, and more.


Where the native apps are downloadable from the Google Play Store or App Store, the eCommerce Progressive Web App needs no downloading. The former can be in MB or GB however the eCommerce PWA is lightweight that needs no downloading – they just should be added to the Home Screen of the cell phone to get to the content.

Email and social login

With the assistance of the Progressive Web App for PrestaShop, the store admin can permit the users to enlist or log in with the assistance of the email address just as through social login ids. This makes it much simpler for the users to get to the store.

Live synchronization

At the point when you need your website and apps’ content to be in sync with one another, the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App is your smartest choice. The live synchronization helps all that the customers or admin is doing on the website be available on the app too. For instance, deletion of unavailable products, the expansion of products, orders, and following too.

Offline mode

The offline element in the PrestaShop Progressive Web App manufacturer guarantees that the users approach the store’s content without or feeble web connection.

All Payment and Shipping technique support

Regardless of what payment choices you have on your eCommerce store, you will want to add them to your PWA app with the assistance of the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Maker. In like manner, all the shipping techniques accessible on the eCommerce store to be there on the eCommerce PWA.

One page checkout

The Progressive web app for PrestaShop accompanies an inherent single-page checkout. Furthermore, users only need to put in fundamental information. It furthermore allows evaluating the whole order information sooner than adequately making the payment. Hence, increases conversions.

In the End

The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder is completely customizable and best of all, we are getting all the important highlights for the eCommerce business. In addition, there are numerous benefits of having the same. Having this module from Knowband will be valuable for your eCommerce business and will expand your points of view.

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