A beginner’s guide to Progressive Web Apps

When you talk about ‘Internet’ today, you know that it isn’t split between mobile and desktop. With the approach of mobile phones, an increasing number of users started perusing the web on mobile devices. The eCommerce mobile apps before long outperformed eCommerce websites when it came to digital media utilization. Businesses began moving their concentration from eCommerce websites to Progressive Web App, as applications permit them to offer more content and better engagement for the users. 

In any case, it is similarly imperative to take note of that as per Cisco Annual Internet Report which surveys advanced transformation across different business sections, “There were 8.8 billion global mobile devices and connections in 2018, which will grow to 13.1 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 8 percent”. In this way, one can clearly say – the internet is mobile in today’s time. And it surprises no one that if you need to have a market presence in the present digitalized world, it’s an ideal opportunity to go mobile app. 

While native mobile apps are quite possibly the most well-known arrangements, eCommerce progressive web apps are gathering an immense measure of consideration, and as it should be. Organizations that went for PWA saw a gigantic spike in their engagement rates and income figures. Examples could be Pinterest, Tinder, Twitter, and others.

The eCommerce Progressive Web App is the new hype for the mobile web since it joins the most awesome aspect web and mobile applications. Initially proposed by Google in 2015, the eCommerce PWA Mobile App has just gathered a great deal of consideration because of the general straightforwardness of advancement and the close moment wins for the application’s user experience. 

Progressive Web App for eCommerce intends to join the usefulness of mobile devices with the openness, discoverability, and user-friendliness that shapes the establishment of the current Internet.

What is a Progressive Web App?

A progressive web app is a readymade app that functions simply like a native app. It has all the usefulness of a native app and still figures out how to convey the convenience of an eCommerce website. 

eCommerce PWA is proposed to address a scope of issues going from deficient organizations to information deterrent or all-out absence of a network. 

What is Progressive Web App for eCommerce as per Google?

Dependable: Loads immediately and never demonstrates an eCommerce website to be down, significantly under eccentric internet network conditions.

Fast: Response effectively to user connections without janky scrolling.

Engaging: Feels like a typical mobile app, with a natural user experience. 

PWA for eCommerce offers an upgraded user experience through progressive improvement. Strong PWA arrangements are valuable in quickening the innovative capacities, empower organizations and add the correct equilibrium to the eCommerce business. 

Since the appearance of Progressive Web App, numerous businesses have utilized the force of this platform to arrive at new business sectors and upgrade their user experience. All things considered, Progressive web apps are easy to create, test, and keep up, post-arrangement. If you want one for your platform, you can have it for Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento 2, and WooCommerce.

Qualities of a Progressive Web App for eCommerce 

1. White Label App

White label functionality gives reason to the store admin to launch the mobile app under its brand name. This is one of the topmost qualities of the PWA app that allows the store admin to launch the shopping app by using its logo, name, splash screen, and banner, etc. 

2. Progressive

A progressive web app should deal with any device and operating system. The app improves progressively taking advantage of any highlights accessible on the user’s device and program. The strategy for progressive improvement is an essential standard of how a PWA operates. 

3. Responsive

A PWAs’ UI should fit any form factor and screen size. A progressive web app for eCommerce looks great paying little heed to the device, has a close native look and belief, and offers a consistent encounter across all devices. 

4. Offline Connectivity

One of the best features of an eCommerce mobile app is that it can run even when there’s fluctuation in the network or there’s no internet at all. 

5. App-Like Interactions

A PWA Mobile App closely resembles a native app and is based on an application shell model with ostensible page refreshes. 

6. One-page Login and Checkout –

The Progressive app gives a seamless and easy social login and registration option. The customer can get into the app with the Google, Facebook, and Email sign up and sign in options. The customer can also get the benefit of an easy checkout option by providing only required information. 

7. Real-Time Synchronization 

What makes the Progressive Web App for eCommerce a better choice is that no matter what changes are made on the eCommerce website inventory, it consistently gets updated on the mobile app.

8. Multiple Payment And Shipping Support

The store admin can easily enable all the shipping and payment methods available on the eCommerce website. To prevent the user to go for any other option. 

9. Multilingual Support

The Progressive web app consists of multiple language support including RTL. It allows the store admin to get engaged with the target audience based on different regions. 

10. Discoverable

Since an eCommerce PWA Mobile App is a web app, it ought to be recognizable via search engines on account of W3C Manifests and service worker scope registration permitting search engines to discover them. It is a significant preferred position over native apps. 

11. Re-Engageable

PWAs additionally remind users to connect more with the mobile app utilizing push notifications. In your eCommerce Progressive Web App, you can send in unlimited Push Notifications to your users about news, deals, and discounts.

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to construct a Progressive Web App for eCommerce? 

Reasons why you should build an eCommerce PWA Mobile App

1. Speedy feedback to the users

PWA for eCommerce is exceptionally responsive and viable with each device since they change the format as indicated by the device. PWA offers smooth scrolling and additionally gives a brief reaction when a user associates with it.

2. Dependable despite Network imperfections

In any event, when the network is poor, one can depend on eCommerce Progressive Web Apps, as it can work even when the user is offline. It is all conceivable because of a kind of web worker service specialist. A Progressive Web App promptly stacks information from the store and runs flawlessly on both 2G and 3G networks. 

3. Builds engagement like a Native App

It is almost impossible to locate a difference between a native shopping app and a PWA mobile app. All things considered, a PWA precisely closely resembles a native app and even gives similar highlights, for example, push notification, 100% real-time synchronization, display logo on the home screen, and so forth It empowers users to connect similar as a native app. Hence, the PWA mobile app creates customer engagement just like the native app.

4. Ease of installation

Getting users to download your app can be a genuine torment. Frequently, users uninstall it just in the wake of downloading it. However, an eCommerce Progressive Web App permits users to introduce the mobile app with a single tap. This frictionless establishment allows users to appreciate services without breaking a sweat. 

5. Lightweight

Another remarkable feature of having an eCommerce PWA is that it is extremely lightweight. For example, Tinder’s PWA is 90% lighter than its native app and it cuts the load times from 11.91 seconds to 4.69 seconds. 

6. Connecting with User Experience

PWA offers an astonishing home screen layout and utilizes push alerts to give a high user engagement. PWA gives a close native encounter by giving a full-screen work district. 

In the End

Buyers are progressively getting reliant on mobile devices for everyday exercises. The move from PCs to mobile devices happened quicker than numerous businesses could plan for. Responsive websites have hit the timeframe of realistic usability and an all-out reconsider is needed to catch a mobile presence and expansion in income. 

Building a Progressive web app for eCommerce is an incredible arrangement. It is optimized for performance with the outcomes being reflected in improved customer experience, standards for dependability, and conversions. You can also send us an email at support@knowband.com.

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