Top 7 Reasons To Choose Prestashop PWA Mobile App

Although there are countless reasons for your eCommerce store to go for a mobile app. But, still, a major section of the eCommerce industry is lacking a mobile shopping app. In case, you’re a PrestaShop store owner and want your business to tap the mobile platform, here is a readymade tool to get the job done. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker is a zero coding addon to launch a feature-loaded Progressive Web App for your business. Having a PWA Mobile App improves the online shopping experience and results in increased sales and revenue.

Steps To Launch PWA for PrestaShop:

  1. Purchase the addon from below link and install on your website:

2. Share some app related details and get the test app for review.

3. Once finalized, confirm to make the app live on website.

That’s the simplest way to launch Progressive Web App for your eCommerce store. Here are some of the other resources for more details:

Admin Panel Demo

Front End PWA Demo

How does PrestaShop Progressive Web App Works?

Once the PWA Mobile App is set up on the PrestaShop mobile version, whenever any user opens the store URL on a mobile browser, “Add To Home Screen” pop-up will be there. The users can just tap on the same and the PrestaShop Progressive Web App will be installed on the mobile device. That’s it. The PWA app will remain installed on the user’s device and can be accessed anytime.

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder consists of many exciting features like multilingual and RTL support, Push Notifications, Offline mode, Real-time synchronization, White label apps, Home screen customization, etc. Let’s explore some other major highlights of the extension:

Compelling Reasons to go for Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder:

There are various valuable reasons to go for Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker. But, we have mentioned the top 7 of them: 

1. It Makes Mobile App Easy to Install and Work:

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Creator gives a unique identity to your eCommerce business by providing them the branded Progressive Web App. The white-label solution ensures the customer sees only your brand name and logo on the Progressive Web App.  

The PWA Mobile App Builder for Prestashop also makes the app installation process easier for the online shopper. The customer can easily add the PWA shopping app to their smartphone while accessing the store URL on the mobile browser. 

2. Tailor-made Progressive Web App and Multi-Device Support:

It is important for every eCommerce business to perform App changes on a timely basis because it helps in enhancing the user experience. The Prestashop Progressive Web App Builder is a tailored app that allows the store admin to manage the changes from the admin panel. Even, the entire home screen layout can be crafted and edited as per seasonal offer, occasion, sale, or any other campaigns.

The Prestashop Progressive Web App Maker also consists of multi-device adjustability. It makes the mobile app get adjusted to the device’s screen size and get adapted according to the devices and platform. The eCommerce app is cross-platform dependent so there is no need of developing the shopping app for different platforms. 

3. Signing in With Ease and Easy Payments:

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder offers several payments and shipping options in the Progressive Web App to make sure customers make the purchase with ease. Even, all payment and shipping methods of the website are supported on the app.

The PWA Mobile App for PrestaShop consists of some inbuilt login and registration options such as Google, Facebook, and Email. The customer can log in with a single tap by selecting these handy options. 

4. Real-time Inventory Update & Push Notifications:

There is no need of developing and managing two separate databases at the same time for the website and mobile app. The real-time inventory update feature ensures all website inventory data & details fetches on the mobile app. All changes/updates in the store products/categories will be updated on the app on its own.

Customers get more engaged when they receive push notifications from the website. The customer receives the update/information about the latest discount, offers, and services via mobile push notifications. The store admin can also schedule the timing of the notifications or send them manually. 

5. All Languages Support:

The Multilingual & RTL language support in the Prestashop eCommerce PWA Mobile App allows the store admin to enhance the business reach. The store admin can easily target local as well as global audiences without any language restriction.

6. Easy Online Purchase with Chat Support

The simplified checkout and layered navigation in PrestaShop PWA Mobile App make the order submission very facile. This even lowers the cart abandonment rate and improves conversions. Customers won’t need to fill in unnecessary information to make the purchase. Rather, it just a matter of minutes to place an order with PrestaShop PWA Mobile App.

7. Order Status Update & Offline Feature

The customer can check the previous order status from the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App. The store admin can even send push notifications regarding the order creation and status update.  

If there is no/slow internet connection, the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App can be accessed in offline mode. The users can browse the app even with slow internet connectivity.  


There are many other reasons to launch Progressive Web App to improve the profitability of the eCommerce business. In the above-mentioned points, we have narrowed down some prominent points to go for the PWA Mobile App for Prestashop. For more discussion, drop us an email at

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