Enhance Sales Of Your Store Using PrestaShop Marketplace With Mobile App

When you’re struggling with intense competition in the industry, it’s important to look into other marketing channels to boost your company’s success. The eCommerce industry is also highly unpredictable, and there are no hard and fast rules for getting greater conversion rates. Moreover, being an eCommerce business owner is difficult in terms of generating conversion rates and sales. The PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace With Mobile App addon also allows the eCommerce store owners to add multiple third-party sellers by converting the store into a  marketplace.  The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker will also provide native Android and iOS mobile apps for your online business. 

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Factors To Enhance Sales in PrestaShop Marketplace 

1. Easy Inventory Management-

The PrestaShop Marketplace also helps the store admin to manage and maintain inventory. Additionally, Inventory management requires a significant amount of manual effort and time. 

2. Sell The Products Easily –

This PrestaShop Multi-Vendor also allows multiple sellers to get registered by accessing the web module and start selling their products. Moreover, this feature allows you to see how internet marketplaces affect your eCommerce site’s sales and conversions.

3. Offer Products At The Competent Price-

The PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace also allows the seller to offer multiple products at different prices. Additionally, this option gives the option to customers to compare the prices and purchase from their favorite vendor. Furthermore, this option allows the store admin to observe a great deal of difference in the price tag.

Highlights of the PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace Addon:

1. Easy seller registration and management

2. Commission Management

3. Separate dashboards

4. Review, monitoring, and manage activities in the module

5. Membership Plan

6. Hassle-free Order Management

PrestaShop Multivendor App Features – 

1. The PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App Maker also consists of a customer service option that allows the store admin to connect with the customer 24*7.

2. Moreover, the store admin can easily integrate website payment and shipping options in your Multi-vendor App for Prestashop. 

3. The PrestaShop Marketplace App Creator also provides customized push notifications, through which your customers can be updated regarding offers, sales, etc. 

4. Even if they have no internet connection or if their signal is interrupted, users can use the Marketplace App for Prestashop.

Conclusions –

Get the increased sales and conversions using this PrestaShop Marketplace module from the Knowband. The Prestashop Multi-vendor Android & iOS Mobile App can also boost your eCommerce store’s sales by decreasing conversion rates. Additionally, to know more about it, send us an email at support@knowband.com

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